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Lao Services Portal is a website that contains all information related to trades and investment in services in the Lao PDR. In this website users will be able to find: legal documents, measures, procedures, forms, services commitments, news, publications and other information related to trades and investment which users can view or download into their own computer.

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Japan to Provide Laos with Antiviral Drug Avigan for Use Against Covid-19
The Government of Japan has provided the Lao PDR with the antiviral medicine Avigan as part of a clinical study into the use of Avigan against Covid-19. The medicine, which is enough to treat 100 people, was handed over to the Ministry of Health. This assistance, aimed at expanding the clinical study into Avigan as a measure against the spread of COVID-19, was provided following a request from the Government of Laos.
Ministry of Labor Orders Employers to Pay Wages Despite Covid-19 epidemic
The Lao Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has instructed employers to ensure workers are fairly compensated despite an economic downturn due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Director-General of the Department of Labor Management, Mr. Phongxaysack Intharath, explained the steps taken by the Ministry of Labor in assuring payment of employees, and social insurance payouts.
Railway Tracks Laid Through Tunnel in First for Laos-China Railway
Lao and Chinese engineers from China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group laid track through the Ban Nong Khay Tunnel in Vientiane Province, 60km north of Vientiane Capital on 23th May 2020. The railway tracks have been laid through a tunnel along the Laos-China Railway for the first time, marking a historic achievement for the project.

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